General Terms and Conditions for Usage of the Monterey WMD Terrorism Databases

  1. Definitions: Within this section:
    1. 'WMD Terrorism Databases' will refer to the Monterey WMD Terrorism and CBRN Incident & Response Databases, produced by the Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.
    2. 'USER' denotes the individual, set of individuals, or organization entering into an agreement to access to the WMD Terrorism Databases, together with any directors, employees or support staff associated with said individual, set of individuals, or organization.
    3. 'CNS representatives' denotes any of the senior management (Director level or above) staff of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies, and any employee of the Center for Nonproliferation Studies whom senior management staff designate to represent CNS in dealings with the USER.
  2. Usage Rights: Pursuant to this agreement, CNS grants the USER the non-exclusive right to view, perform analyses on and manipulate (within the provisions of this document) all data received from CNS.
  3. Results of Work Using CNS Data: The rights to all results obtained from the USER's work with the CNS databases will reside with the USER.
  4. Publishing and Distribution of Data Outside the SUBSCRIBER:
    1. CNS requires that the USER acquire the written permission of the CNS WMD Terrorism Databases Manager before making any portion of the WMD Terrorism Databases available to parties external to the USER. CNS reserves the right to withhold this permission.
    2. The USER is aware, and has informed any personnel having access to the WMD Terrorism Databases, that no portion of the WMD Terrorism Databases can be made available to parties outside the USER without written authorization from the CNS WMD Terrorism Databases Manager, except for cumulative results (as described in Section (4) iii).
    3. Cumulative results or summary information obtained from analyses of CNS data (for example, statistical word counts, or aggregate data across an entire database) can be published and distributed by the USER to parties outside of the USER, with the proviso that the Monterey WMD Terrorism Database is cited as the source of the data in any papers, press releases, articles and so forth.
    4. Without affecting the provisions of Section (4) i, if required for methodological or explanatory purposes, CNS may, on request from the USER, designate particular cases that can be used as examples in documents and publications external to the USER. Application must be made in written or electronic form to the CNS WMD Terrorism Databases Manager.
    5. The provisions of Section (4) i include any amendments, alterations or additions to individual cases or the database as a whole.
  5. Commercial Potential: Notwithstanding Section (4) in its entirety, no part of any CNS database or auxiliary resource may be distributed for any commercial purpose, nor with the intent that the data be used in any commercial enterprise, without the express permission of a CNS representative. CNS reserves the right to withhold this permission.
  6. Penalties: Penalties for failure to comply with the terms of this agreement may result in loss of access to CNS databases and the forfeiture of user privileges, in addition to any other appropriate legal remedies.
  7. Limitation of Liability: Although every reasonable effort has been made to check sources and verify facts, CNS cannot guarantee that accounts reported in the open literature are complete and accurate. CNS shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused by errors or omissions or resulting from any use or misuse of CNS data by the USER.
  8. Image Copyright: Images contained in the WMD Terrorism Databases are held under copyright to various parties. No images from the WMD Terrorism Databases may be removed, reproduced, or disseminated without express written permission from the copyright holder.
  9. Termination of Rights: The USER will retain all rights described in this document for the length of the subscription agreement.

I hereby attest that the accompanying agreement has been read by all members of my organization having access to the data contained in the Monterey WMD Terrorism Databases.